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Kufri Travel Your Trip to Paradise

A trip to Kufri iske a sojourn to paradise, especially for those who love the hills. At its height of about 2,510 m above sea level, Kufri is an ideal destination for winter sports such as skiing, skating and tobogganing. Located in Himachal Pradesh's southern region, Kufri also boasts captivating natural beauty and loads of beautiful views. Along with an abundance of its very own travel charms, Kufri is also located pretty close to the popular Himachal Pradesh destinations of Chail and Solan. For a more detailed look at Kufri and informative tidbits on Chail and Solan, skim through this kufri travel guide kufri travel guide.Tour of Himalayan National Park A Kufri tour treats you to quite a few unforgettable sights of fabulous natural beauty and the Himalayan National Park is one of the best places for experiencing the glory of nature. The national park boasts about 180 species of rare animalfe including a vast array of birds. Lucky visitors may even catch an eyeful of snow leopards and musk deer. If you really want to rough it out and get a real feel of the park, sign up for five to eight day trek conducted by park rangers. The park remains a must visit place and the sights here amply reward your long travel to Kufri.Indira Tourist Park Travel To capture some delightful photographic memories of your Kufri trip, head to the Indira Tourist Park. The place treats you to lots of marvellous Himalayan views. The peaceful serene ambiance here is also well suited for a spell of quiet rejuvenating meditation. A fine cafeteria known as Café Lalit is located here. Run by the Himachal Tourism Board, the cafeteria may not serve the best coffee but definitely takes care of your hunger pangs. You can easily fit in a visit to the park in your travel planner as the place is very near to the Himalayan National Park and just about 19 km and 6 km from Shimla and Fagu respectively.Travel to Fagu If trekking, camping or nature hikes form part of your Kufri travel plans, you can look forward to some lovely times at Fagu. In fact, campers and trekkers often use the place as a base camp. Fagu's proximity to jungles and fruit orchards make it an exceptionally well loved place amongst nature aficionados. The walls of these temples have elaborate wood carved walls reflecting admirable local craftsmanship. Fagu also has religious attractions by way of temples dedicated to Banthia devta, a local deity. Overall, Fagu's growing popularity has significantly contributed towards the growth of Kufri tourism. Tourist places near Kufri There is no dearth of tourist places near Kufri, with a couple of well known destinations being Chail and Solan. Here is some help if you want to plan a trip to any of these places from Kufri.A Trip to Chail The Kufri to Chail distance is approximately 35 km. Top tourist attractions include Kali ka Tibba, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary and Cricket Ground. You can travel from Kufri to Chail by car Kufri to Chail by car in about 45 minutes' time.A Solan Tripp The distance from Kufri to Solan is about 60 km. Some of the major tourist attractions at Solan are Monkey Point and Karol Tibba & Meteol Tibba. It takes about one and a half hour's time to reach from Kufri to Solan by class=clearp

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